why is doordash pickup only right now

Being a frequent user of food delivery services, I have noticed a recent shift in the way Doordash operates. It seems that they have made adjustments to their service, with pickup being the only option available right now. This change has left many people wondering why this is the case. In this article, I will explore the reasons behind Doordash pickup only and shed light on the topic.

Understanding The Change

Doordash has made the decision to offer pickup only as a response to the current global pandemic. With the ongoing spread of COVID-19, many restaurants have shifted to takeout and delivery only. To support this shift and to ensure the safety of both customers and delivery drivers, Doordash has prioritized pickup orders only for the time being.

Concerns About Safety

The decision to focus on pickup orders is ultimately about safety. With concerns about the transmission of the virus through close contact, takeout and pickup orders have become the preferred method for many restaurants. By aligning with this preference, Doordash is playing a role in promoting safety measures during these uncertain times.

Emphasizing Convenience

While the shift to pickup-only may seem restrictive, it is important to note that this decision also emphasizes the convenience of customers. For many individuals, pickup orders offer a faster and more reliable way to receive their food. With less reliance on delivery drivers, pickup orders reduce the wait time for customers and provide a seamless experience.

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Adapting To Change

As the circumstances surrounding the pandemic continue to evolve, companies like Doordash must adapt to change. While pickup-only may be a temporary adjustment, it is a necessary step to address the current needs of customers and the food industry as a whole.

Supporting Local Businesses

By prioritizing pickup orders, Doordash is also showing support for local restaurants and businesses. Many of these establishments have faced hardships during the pandemic, and pickup orders help them stay afloat. By working with these businesses, Doordash is contributing to the resilience of the local economy.

Encouraging Community Engagement

Another benefit of pickup-only orders is the encouragement of community engagement. Customers have the opportunity to visit their favorite local restaurants and connect with the staff in person. This not only fosters a sense of community but also provides a personal touch to the dining experience.


The decision to implement pickup-only orders is a proactive step taken by Doordash to address the changing needs of customers and businesses during the pandemic. While it may come with initial challenges, the focus on safety, convenience, and community support makes it a viable solution for the current circumstances. As the situation evolves, it is important to remain flexible and adapt to the changing landscape of food delivery services.


Here are some commonly asked questions about Doordash pickup-only orders:

1. Can I still place delivery orders on Doordash?

As of now, Doordash is prioritizing pickup orders to support the current needs of customers and local businesses. However, this may change in the future as the situation evolves.

2. How does pickup compare to delivery in terms of wait time?

Many customers have found that pickup orders offer a faster and more reliable option for receiving their food. With less reliance on delivery drivers, pickup orders reduce the overall wait time for customers.

3. Are there any additional safety measures implemented for pickup orders?

Doordash has implemented safety guidelines for both customers and restaurant staff when it comes to pickup orders. This includes social distancing measures, contactless payments, and enhanced sanitation practices.

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4. Why is it important to support local businesses through pickup orders?

During these challenging times, supporting local businesses is crucial for the resilience of the community. Pickup orders help these establishments stay afloat and maintain their presence in the local economy.

5. Will pickup-only orders be a permanent change for Doordash?

While the focus on pickup-only orders is a response to the current pandemic, it is important to remain flexible as the situation evolves. Doordash may reassess their options as conditions change.

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