Who was the 1990 NBA Finals MVP?

Who was the 1990 NBA Finals MVP?

Isiah Thomas

Who won NBA 1988?

Los Angeles Lakers

Who went 0 32 in NBA Finals?

It was Michael Jordan’s first NBA Finals appearance, Magic Johnson’s last, and the last NBA Finals for the Lakers until 2000. The Bulls would win the series, 4″1….Chicago Bulls.

Who was the 1988 NBA MVP?

Michael JordanChicago Bulls

Who was the NBA Finals MVP in 1989?

Joe Dumars

Who was the 1985 NBA Finals MVP?


Which two teams played on the 1987 NBA Finals who won who was the Finals MVP?

The Western Conference champion Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Eastern Conference and defending NBA champion Boston Celtics 4 games to 2….1987 NBA Finals.

Who won NBA 1991?

Chicago Bulls

Who was favored to win the 1991 NBA Finals?

The Lakers were favorites in the Finals (though not the Western Conference Finals). I don’t recall, but the Suns in ’93 may have been as well. They had HCA with the games best offense and their hype was significant.

Who won NBA 1992?

At what age did Michael Jordan win his last championship?


Who has more game winners Kobe or Jordan?

Chicago Bulls legend and six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan has the highest number of game-winners in NBA history. He has nine game-winners, closely followed by LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Joe Johnson, all of whom have eight game-winners each. Michael Jordan nails the buzzer beater to give the Bulls the win!

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Who is better Lebron Kobe or Jordan?

Both Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan had extraordinary early and middle years and had edge over Lebron James. But if players consistency, longevity and all-round performance are considered, Lebron James is better amongst the three.

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